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AIT Career Day 2017 Recap

#AITCareerDay2017 was great! Thanks to all the volunteers that contributed to the event, from the countless meetings, to the advertisements and the guest speakers…You all Rock!!!!

Truly appreciate all the students and professionals who came, and to all that did not make it this year I hope you will join next time because there is always something to learn. I was particularly proud when I saw some of my guest speakers (and most are managers!) take notes while others were presenting ;Yes we all are at various levels in our careers but until our mission is over on earth we all need to be seeking additional knowledge, personal development and skills so, it is not just about paying our annual fees to AIT (which I hope we all do here?) but it is mostly about giving back to the community we are in by participating and attending events and sharing our experiences and knowledge to build together a successful community. I love to be educated as Education is priceless and is not based on country of origin which is why when I was approached to join the AIT current team I chose the education committee and later accepted to lead it. Special Thanks to the AIT president and his team for bringing committees’ projects to life for a stronger and cohesive community ! Click these links for videos of the #AITCareerday2017

Written by
Farida Aloa
Education & Formation Committee Leader

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